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Benefits are plenty with this tool.  Eliminate time and money lost using a “trial and error” approach likely with any CRM/PRM customization project.  Benefit from others by jump-starting your sales and service efforts; keeping your team in the field doing their jobs.

Gain insights from Corporate Health Group’s philosophy, national trended best practices and previous client’s successes around sales planning and management, issue management, measurement and reporting.

Optimize formulas for outpatient and inpatient sales and service that will help ensure your sales team stays on track with visits, type of visits and results. Corporate Health Group provides you with models for growth and retention or hybrid models to reflect the nuances of a blended territory.

Realize the need for less long term consultative arrangements due to pre-built fully automated functionality.  Should customization be desired; you are able to do it yourself or easily access our team for short-term needs.

What can Zipzee do for you?

CRM for Physician Relations
CRM for Physician Relations
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