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Watch a Recorded Demo - see for yourself!  Customized functionality to help focus your team on referral development for ROI.


Functionality made for a busy physician relations team:

Territory Management

Sales Indicators

Physician Management

Return on Investment Reporting


Pricing and timeline made for a tight schedule and equally tight budget:

Licensing as low as $110 per user per month.


Simple Implementation to include coordinated pre-consultative support designed for projects with moderate complexity requiring more than two data sources and integration within 4-6 weeks. $12,000


Complex Implementation to include coordinated pre-consultative support designed for projects with high complexity requiring more than five data sources and integration within 8-10 weeks. $20,000


Consulting made ​for best practice implementation:

Our team is experienced consultants – but one of our primary goals in building Zipzee™ was to make it a consultant free zone. Zipzee™ is user friendly, with simple configuration. You might have to work with our IT support to transfer and load data (pretty pain free from what our current clients have told us). You might have to think about how many users you want to use Zipzee™ and determine if they will be a full or “light” user…but we’ve done the thinking for you as it relates to the more difficult aspects: best practices in sales planning, targeting, visit frequency, forecasted outcomes and reports that prove ROI outcomes.

The consulting you get as a part of Zipzee™:

Corporate Health Group’s best practices in physician relations sales and service

• Templates and formulas for sales planning, targeting and visits

• Sample reports• Models for ROI

If you want to customize a marketing campaign or a special growth initiative for your organization or desire hands-on training for your users to optimize all that Zipzee™ has to offer – then we can provide consultation. Our team has lived in the physician relations sales and service world – inpatient and outpatient, for-profit and not-for-profit, community and health system from one to twenty-five liaisons – all sizes. Our team of experts is able to help with building a physician relations sales and service program from the ground up, business and sales planning, staff and leadership training in physician relations sales and service, and issue management program design. All elements we bet you never thought could be a part of the CRM system; they are with Zipzee™.

What comes with Zipzee?

CRM for Physician Relations
CRM for Physician Relations
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