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Who is the Zipzee team?


We were physician relations managers, directors and vice presidents of marketing or business development just like you.  We lived and learned in the physician relations sales and service space.  Our own experience in the field working with physicians and their office staffs drove our conviction to help others in healthcare build, maintain, and grow their relationships and referrals. ​


Zipzee™ was created through the combined talents of Corporate Health Group (CHG) your expert in physician relations sales and service and Healthforce Online (HFO), your expert in customization for healthcare. Our team has spent over 25 years individually and collectively over 100 years (wow, there’s some wisdom…) working in the healthcare and CRM space.


Together, Corporate Health Group and Health Force Online have worked with numerous healthcare clients across the country on the strategy, selection, development, implementation and enhancement of CRM/PRM platforms. The organizations we work with are large and small, not-for-profit and for profit, free-standing and large systems with two to twenty-five liaisons. We know what your leadership wants to see, we understand what limitations your departments have and most of all, we know what you are trying to accomplish in busy, full days, and this tough healthcare and economic environment.

Why did we develop Zipzee?


While there are many CRM/PRM systems available, few have been built by people that have physician relations hands on experience that know how to apply proven best practices.  Through the years we have worked with our clients using our years of experience to customize their CRM systems for physician relations by developing tools, reports and templates, thinking all along, "there has to be an easier way to do this".  So we have built Zipzee™, knowing that there was room in the marketplace for a Physician Relationship Management system that was already customized for inpatient and outpatient/ambulatory physician relations sales tracking and reporting.

We began by focusing on what our clients' needs have been over the years including proving ROI.  Then we collected our years of intellectual property, systems, reports and process maps to make a user-friendly PRM, Zipzee™ that addressed all identified needs especially proving ROI.

Built By Your Peers

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