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Can I use a mobile device?

​Yes, we offer a mobile license that enables mobile use and in fact, we encourage this so that users can make their day to day more efficient.

What type of data can be incorporated into Zipzee?

Because Zipzee is built on, it has the benefit of having an open architecture which allows for the simple integration of numerous sets of data.  Best practice recommendations are referral/volume data and revenue/charges data as well as payor mix. 


What can Zipzee do with referral data?

Referral data can be integrated and viewed at a physician or practice level within their profile page.  This function provides a trended visual that helps users plan visits, create appropriate messaging, and determine questions for a focused visit.  


Can Zipzee support other departments within our organization?

Yes, other departments that Zipzee can support or interface with are Medical Staff Services, Service line management, Operations, Physician Satisfaction, Planning, Managed Care, Administration, and others.


Will Zipzee interface with our existing software - email, calendar and office tools (Word, Excel, Access)?

Yes, Zipzeeintegrates with Microsoft Office including Outlook and Google Docs.  In addition, due to its open architecture, Zipzee can easily integrate with most modern programs.


How secure is Zipzee’s data?

Zipzeeis highly secure and you will have complete control over who has access to what information in the tool. In addition, Zipzee usage reports are available or can be scheduled to be sent via email on a regular basis.

How long is the contract for Zipzee?

The contract can be one, two or three years.  Automatic renewal for additional 1-year terms, unless terminated by either party.  All pricing is agreed to at contract signing.

Is there a fee that we pay to on top of the Zipzee fee?

No, there is no additional fee due to  When you contract with Zipzeean invoice will be provided by Zipzee only.

Is there a minimum number of seats that have to contracted for Zipzee?

Yes, we do request a minimum of 5 full users.  There is no minimum for light users.

What are the payment terms for Zipzee?

All fees owed under the Agreement need to be paid within thirty (30) days after your receipt of a complete invoice.  Depending on contract term, you will be billed on an annual basis.

Is there a service and maintenance feature paired with the Zipzee contract?

Yes, basic technical support comes with the price of your licenses.

• Standard Technical Support for named users

• Question/answer on creation and maintenance of user accounts, security

administration, etc.;

• Troubleshooting setup and configuration;

• Use of standard application functionality.

Can I add additional customization to Zipzee?

Yes, you will be able to make customizations to Zipzee on your own or with consulting help from us or another firm of your choice.  If desired, we offer additional customization at a per project fee rate.



Frequently Asked Questions

CRM for Physician Relations
CRM for Physician Relations


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