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CRM for Physician Relations

Zipzee™ is designed to elevate your Physician Relations function by maximizing your day to day work, your field-time, and ultimately, results.


In search of a better way to use your healthcare Customer Relationship Management (CRM)? Maybe you’re researching CRM tools or you’re currently using one, but want a more effective option.​We know that others like you understand that incorporating a CRM is important to their business. Yet, in most cases, it acts as a quick fix—a kind of “digital yellow pages”—that only provides contact listing and physician relations activity notes not designed for true Physician Relationship Management.


Here’s what most national healthcare sales programs utilizing a CRM system look like:A good number of physician relations/sales programs (90%) document sales activity; however, less than half (42%) track results such as revenue growth  and less than half (39%) interface system data with their CRM for dashboards, trending or tracking of results.

And even more staggering, less than 20% have a formula for ROI.​


Source: Corporate Health Group’s Physician Relations Sales and Service National Survey 2015


To prove ROI, you need quantifiable metrics. And that means activities tied to goals, trended volume to guide your activities, forecasted activities, and tactics to drive results.​​ Wise application of CRM can achieve: ROI and Zipzee™ can do this for you through simple data integration and use of its standard dashboard and report templates.

PRM. Next Generation Physician Relations

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